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(Feb 18th 2018)

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Shades of Grey

A muscular captive, tightly bound, neatly packaged, awaits his captor's pleasure.
His bulging jock shows the extent of his excitement.
It's been a long wait.....
At first the bondage game sounded like fun. Adding spice to a mediocre pick-up.
But they had both drunk too much. 
He awoke still bound, not remembering much about the night before.
He could hear his trick showering and he waited to be freed.
He needed to be at work soon.

But he wasn't freed at all. 
Instead his captor adjusted his bindings, gagged and blindfolded him.
Then bundled him into the bathroom, seated him on the toilet and left him.
The hard seat felt cold on his bare bottom.
He heard the front door close, then silence.

Not quite believing what was happening, he called out - at least he tried to. 
But the gag incorporated a plug which seemed to fill the deepest recesses of his mouth.
Trapping his tongue underneath . It had a bitter taste.
It allowed him to grunt, no more. No-one came

The strap was tight too, pulling on his jaw, which soon began to ache.

He tried to free himself from the ropes, twisting his arms, swiveling round.
But his biceps were pinned tight to his sides, his wrists pulled up towards his shoulders.
He could hardly move them at all.
and he couldn't see anything.

He tried to free his legs,
 but his knees were roped together, preventing any movement of the ankles.

He tried to stand up and hopped around to find the door .
 The tiled floor felt cold, dirty, sticky beneath his feet.
The door was locked.

He sank down on the pedestal again.
 His feeble calls to be released still went unheeded.
He began to understand that no-one was coming.
He wouldn't be able to escape.
In his despair and frustration, he wept.
Then finally he settled down and slept.

It was many hours later when his captor finally returned.
He heard him enter the flat and moving around and thought 
"Why doesn't he come to me?"
Then the door was unlocked, he heard him piss and flush and felt the splash.
His captor stroked his pecs and jock, tied his legs tighter, then left again.

Eventually he was transferred him from his ceramic cell back to the bedroom.
Even more ropes were tied around and between his thighs.
But the softness of the carpet and the bedding on his skin was blissful. 

Placed on his captor's bed, he does not know what is to happen to him. 
It might be pleasure, it might be pain - or worse.
He probably won't be going to work tomorrow either.
 Now he knows, he has no free choices any more.
He feels strangely excited.


 I find this last bondage image from ropetopsfbay particularly impressive. I love the neat simplicity and tightness of the ropework. It both complements and contains the natural-looking bulk and muscularity of the model. A little clothing lends identity to a man and I recorded my enjoyment of jockstrap imagery in one of my earliest postings here 'In Praise of Jockstraps'. For me the garment sings of masculinity, but only if it is worn by a model with some bulk - as in this case here. Boys don't cut it. This man is wearing the classic deep waistband design like he was born to it. The unusual grey colour is rather good for showing the details of the garment since it doesn't produce glare like a white one does. It also lends a well-used look which gives the wearer the air of an authentic sportsman. I love these images.

See more bondage imagery at RopeTopSFBay, my thanks to him for the pix.

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