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(Feb 18th 2018)

Monday, 23 February 2015

Ulf's Wedge

Ulf - Almost There (2013)

Ulf's  take on the theme of 'riding the wedge' (click on label below for previous articles) treats it as an ancilliary to the main action. Instead of a having a pointed apex, a wicked looking, metal, saw tooth strip is fixed to the top of the frame. The captives legs are pulled forward and it looks like they are attached to the front legs of the 'horse', which prevents him from supporting his own weight with them - as if the barbed wire binding were not restraint enough!

This is the first time I've featured Ulf and it coincides with our arrival at the letter 'U' in my A-Z of fetish artists. Normally I don't cover CG art in this survey, but it's about time I covered this artist so I plan to do a feature on him in the very near future.

(click on label below for previous 'wedge' articles)

1 comment:

neil bruce said...

Very Hawt! (huge fan of Ulf's work!)