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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hunk of the Month - Big Jock

This is Joakim and he has his own blog  StorJocke on tumblr, where he talks about body building, thongs and sex with a refreshingly positive attitude. He is very proud of his big butt and not without reason as these pictures show.

Joakim has a gift for using his clothing to make a picture good, there's a spontaneous 'caught in the act', undressed look here that is very sexy. The shaping of the muscle vest between his shoulder blades mirrors the shape of the thong, creating a nice symmetry.

One of my favourite images, the plunging line of the thong shows off Joakim's butt to perfection and the direction it's pointing in speaks for itself! This is a fine addition to my 'studs in olive underwear' collection, the colour suits fair skin. It's a picture of a very ordinary everyday scene, but would make a nice basis for a picture of a prisoner despondently eating a lonely meal before his next 'challenge'.
(if the link above doesn't work search on 'olive' to find my other posts on olive underwear)

More domesticity here. The apron adds a slight suggestion of subservience in the carrying out a mundane job. Might that be connected to the purplish hue of those mighty butt cheeks? Very mitchmen-esque! The slight twist to Joachim's torso as he bends to his task produces a beautiful body shape and neck line. The camera loves him. Bondage fans will like the neck halter and knotted strings (with strategically dangling ends).


More interesting clothing. Joakim talks about being an alpha male in his blogs, but there's a boyish charm to some of his images that doesn't really fit that tag. The crossed arms and body language here are quite defensive but serve to highlight some impressive biceps. I suspect opinions might differ about such well-developed thighs, they produce rather squat proportions (the clumpy boots add to that effect). However I do quite like the way the legs balloon out of his restricting shorts. This square cut of leg also enhances limbs of more modest size. 

There's nothing boyish about this pose. Although the long socks have sporting connotations you can't escape the associations with more feminine garb. Cloaking Joakim's legs alone highlights the absence of clothing elsewhere and is sufficiently unusual, particularly on a man to create a significant erotic charge. As in the last picture, the square top draws attention to the shape and bulk of his thighs but in this case it gives subtle, added emphasis to the nakedness between his legs.

Joakim has a rugby player's physique and the jock strap is a natural accessory for him, they always look good on big men (more about that here or click on the jockstrap label below). This endearing, informal pose has won him many fans.
I do love his neck!

Joakim could probably put you straight on the old adage about men who wear glasses.  
This is a stunningly sexy pose which also utilises the considerable, but underestimated, erotic power of another everyday item - the humble polo shirt - look how it shows off his muscular arms.
Oh, and his ass too, didn't notice.

Another disarming domestic pose. Even chunky alphas use body lotion it seems. Without clothing you can see the full length of Joakim's legs and the proportions look good. 

Possibly the raunchiest, most alpha, pose of the lot. The boots and casual stubble give Joakim a nice tweak of masculinity and lends an air of serious sexual purpose. The legs might be splayed open invitingly with the thong pointing the way but his half-turned head produces a pose that is challenging, not submissive.

See lots more thongs (including shiny ones!) and butt pix at Joakim's tumblr blog StorJocke

(Dec 2015 update, Joakim seems to have removed all material from this blog,
 if you find him again please let me know!)
My thanks to the itinerant but never boring blog 'Roids and Rants' for bringing Joakim to my attention.

There are some more muscle hunks under the 'hunk' label below

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