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(Feb 18th 2018)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Men Sharing Clothes - 13 Red Sparkly Shirts

 An occasional series, in which male models are made to wear clothes previously 'scented' by someone else.

 Jack Union by JimmyZ

This gentleman, imaginatively tagged 'Big Brit' by Jimmy Z looks as if he'd be more at home in rugby kit than sparkly shirt and hipster jeans, but he fills them out impressively! He looks as if he's just trotted in after a long hard match or a sweaty training session - and we all know what happens if you wear synthetic fibres for too long....and under hot studio lights....sweaty!...... phew!

A few, under-arm fermenting days later...........

Angelo Diabolo by JimmyZ

Sniff, sniff......'Can I smell something on this T-shirt, Jimmy?.....sniff.

JimmyZ's models seem to have have names that are more improbable than the register of a sleazy seaside hotel, but it's a delight to see their chunky torso's bursting out of gear that looks far too small for them. Perhaps I ought to do a companion series called......
 'men forced to wear clothes that are too small for them'.

Joking aside "Jack Union" and "Angelo Diabolo" represent two very contrasting varieties of masculine appeal, both attactive. Pictures by JimmyZ.

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