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(Feb 18th 2018)

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Riding The Wedge - 4

A final set of more or less painful straddling images, involving blunter instruments than the true wedge, but each with it's own test for the stoic model to endure.

Unashamedly erotic, but a statue of a lion in ancient, Middle Eastern style lends a touch of arty class to this image. Still, the grainy, gritty texture of that stone must be murder on our elegant model's naked bottom and you can be sure that the photographer will demand numerous adjustments to his position to get a decent selection of poses. I know I would! 

The model's expression suggests he's already had a couple of abrasive moments.

A steel girder in an industrial setting would normally present quite a cold challenge to this boy's exposed rear, but by the look of things it's quite hot and steamy in here. The lower flange of the girder is only wide enough to support a couple of toes and he looks suitably unhappy, poised gingerly there with a forlorn expression on his face.

 Apollo Phoenix (can that be his real name?) spreads his legs happily to accommodate this plastic wrap-around seat. It's just high enough and wide enough to prevent him placing his feet comfortably on the ground. Quite the opposite of a sharp wedge, but who knows what lies hidden behind the upturned edge? It's in the lap of the gods you might say.

Of course, plastic + sweaty = adhesion and it looks like Apollo's just realised. 
An unpleasant un-peeling looms.

Riding astride a horse is the archetypal wedgie experience, no wonder cowboys were so happy round the camp fire. This handsome trophy animal may be dead, but those wicked horns, curling in towards the model's nude torso are enough to suggest a wilder, more challenging alternative to the horse ride. 

If he didn't feel foolish enough balanced like this - and he does look cross - the model has become a trophy himself. I'd find room on my walls somewhere for such a beast.

If you're wondering about the physics and engineering of producing this picture, I think that's the floor behind him.

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