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(Oct 28th 2018)

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Arrest No 7 - Piss Patrol - part 2

Arriving at the local cop shop, Parker is forcibly bundled up the stairs by the cops who look as if they mean business. The narrow staircase isn't entirely convincing as an entrance to the Sheriff's office but it does make you wonder if something nasty awaits, at the top.

Inside, the officers begin to search their prisoner. As they say in the trade:-
“Are you carrying anything I ought to know about? (Sir?).”
Parker, securely handcuffed, can do nothing to resist their groping hands. His shirt is pulled open.

Parker can't quite understand what is going on, as his bare torso is examined in detail. The other cop's search homes in on a suspicious bulge in his jeans.
......the source of Parker's fame!

This groping of the hand-cuffed captive is so horny, especially if you can believe in the character as an 'ordinary guy' picked up for a minor infringement. Parker's shirt is open but it's still tucked into securely belted jeans, which gives these proceedings a strange, almost polite formality.

Parker is embarrassed by the intimate body search and makes a wise-crack, hoping to convince the cops that he's 'clean', but it only incenses them. They bundle him into a cell and bend him over to release him from the cuffs...and get a good look at his buns squeezed into those tight-fitting jeans. But they aren't about to let him go.

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