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(Feb 18th 2018)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Tied Jocks

Tied Jocks by ?
I don't normally get excited over this type of art, you can have too much of gritted teeth and raised eyebrows, but I do like this picture. The bulging white T-shirts and shorts are right up my alley and there could be a rugby theme going on here. The obvious joke doesn't seem to go anywhere but I love the idea of muscle jocks having to wear team kit which is nowhere near big enough for them. I do not know who the artist is, can any of my readers help out?


Anonymous said...

First comment, from first time visitor: What a GREAT blog you have, my queer - oops, my dear!
Re this drawing. I love - LOVE, muscle jocks/musclemen/bb'ers! But (usually, as here)the eroticism & the arousal disappear when their cocks are twice the size of their heads (on their necks, I mean).
Besides being queer I guess I'm odd bcs enormous dicks don't do it for me. When I see a pic of a guy I first see his overall musculature, then I look/study his face to see if he has sex appeal in those 2 depts. Then, & only then - I kid you not - do I look at his equipment/genitals. Sometimes they are beautiful but if the body & the face are not up to snuff, I bless the model or the artist & say goodbye...
Personally, I MUCH rather have a magnificently muscular man w a medium sized piece of meat to suck & eat, than a gigantic prick (that NO mouth or ass can pleasurably accept or accommodate) or a scrawny body. The face? It can be Libra handsome or brutish. Whether I find him attractive will depend on his planets. [That's true w almost everybody whether they know it or not: one's Venus w another's Mars or Moon always make that person appealing to you. For a 100% gay male even a woman w those (or other similar planetary placements) will make them friends - sexual feelings cum out if it's a suitable - within yr parameters - male.]

Mitchell said...

Thank you for your appreciation of my blog. I agree with your sentiments re: muscles and faces. In this case the giant cocks are part of the joke, but I agree they add little to the eroticism.