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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Justin

Justin - Detail from 'Forced Refreshment'
Justin's pictures are pure, unashamed sex. They depict enthusiastic, orgiastic excess with 3-5 participants arching, bending and twisting in balletic fashion to interlock their bodies while sending spurts of white and yellow liquids into the melee from impressive erections.

Justin - Spanking Detail
Somewhere in the picture one of the participants is restrained, being spanked or being forced to accommodate a sizeable dildo but this is really just part of the general erotic scrummage.

Justin - Detail from Athletes Fisting
Which is not to say that they are merely decorative, the tension on this nipple weight and the glazed expression speak for themselves

With so many bodies involved, a good deal of visual trickery is required to make them distinguishable from each other. Limbs and torso's have to be distorted into unlikely positions and lengthened in places and the laws of gravity are temporarily suspended to allow sensitive areas to connect. Justin pulls off this feat without totally abandoning anatomy, the resulting compositions are visually clear, almost believable but artistically balanced and satisfying too.
Justin - Untitled (showing Graeco-Roman nuances)
At times the style of the drawing and pastel colouring is reminiscent of naïve art from Greek or Roman times and he does sometimes use this historical theme. I suppose the intense, explicit orgiastic subject is as old as time itself. Whilst there is a certain arty 'craft' at work in these pictures they seem very authentic and truthful expressions of erotic feelings.

Justin has a blog at and you will find examples of his work in the GMBA archives (link in sidebar).
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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Julius

Julius is one of those prolific artists (Like Tom Jones) who occasionally dips into fetish topics to spice up his pictures but he does it often enough to warrant a mention in my review.
Julius - Military Prisoner
His pictures are instantly recognisable – black and white with simple inked outlines. Most of the pictures are frames from stories so there is good use of clothing and background detail to add context and variety to the pictures. His straight forward technique enables him to bring out details like ropes which might be lost in a more 'realistic' style.
He often depicts sexual encounters with the characters standing and seen from the side – as in 'Military Prisoner' above. Julius demonstrates considerable skill in using line shading and occasional solid areas create a sense of depth and solidity which pretty much overcomes the absence of conventional signals of perspective like converging receding lines. However the technique falters a little when angled perspective is required, as in 'Over the table' below.
Julius - Over The Table
Julius - Belting
Unlike most fetish artists, Julius hardly ever shows characters in full length poses, preferring 'thigh upwards' close ups instead. This cinematic/photo technique adds intimacy and sexiness. In the belting picture above, the victim's upper body is invisible and this adds erotic empasis to his backside - although Julius passes up the opportunity to develop this .
If you want to see other examples of how this works, take a look at any selection of pictures by Tom of Finland. Most of his pictures show full length figures and then occasionally there will be a foreground figure cropped by the frame. The enhancement of dramatic effect is quite striking.
Julius - Groping
Julius's younger characters usually have rounded chins and snub noses creating a pleasant puppy-fat appearance, the older ones feature in addition heavy stubble, strategic wrinkles and bigger, more heavily muscled, sometimes hairy bodies. These 'favourite faces' crop up regularly but there are some interesting variations occasionally – as in 'Groping' where the older man has a leaner Latin look. This picture is drawn in an attractive, slightly softer style and the detailing of the clothing is nicely done.

Unfortunately the 'favourite faces' and recurring close-up poses do become a little repetitive over time. Which is not decry the individual pictures which are mostly very sexy with attractive looking chunky men. The excursions into fetish subjects – spanking and rope bondage – are incidental to his stories and add additional interest without delving deeply into the subject. In that sense he is not a fetish artist but some of these pictures are quite memorable and rank alongside the 'specialists'.

You can find out more about Julius at Julius Toons
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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A mention of Josman

Josman - Portrait

Josman is a highly accomplished artist and in my book his craggy portrayals of mid-life male faces are probably the best around.

Josman - Nightcharm (Detail)

Although he occasionally portrays leather-clad men in his stories it isn't in a fetish context so I don't intend to cover him in the A-Z but I can't resist including a sample because his artwork is so good.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Joseph

This is an artist I have revised my opinion on recently and I have redrafted this article (Oct 2014) to reflect that. His work is pencil drawn and you get a sense of his polished style from the dramatic scene below.

Joseph - Make You Beg

This is an audacious imagining of an electro-torture experiment, full of drama with all the men showing varied expressions of lust, pain and amusement, giving the image an unusual depth. Joseph draws from live models and this shows in the variety of authentic-looking faces and bodies but some of the resulting compositions can look a bit posed, lacking true engagement between the characters. This is not to single out Joseph who obviously is very talented. You can see the same effect in some of Tom of Finland's later works which are magnificent realistic drawings but lack the spark of his earlier, less studied work.

Joseph - Tool Shed (my title)
This scene is something of a fetish convention. An apparently 'straight-acting', muscular man pauses for a ciggy break in the middle of putting a group of interested youths through their paces in the 'tool' shed. At least I assume they have volunteered for this class and not been caught vandalising his dahlias!  Having already dished out some spanking, clamping and serious pain restraint, he now seems to be pondering the possibilities offered by his lighted cigarette. The portrayal of the older man in this picture is fascinating and the inclusion of background detail helps to weld the figures together.
Joseph - Power Lunch

Much of Joseph's work deals with inter-generational stuff – some of it too near the knuckle for my taste. But the upside of this preoccupation is some splendid renderings of older men with mature faces (not necessarily pretty) and hairy, trim bodies. Note the attention to detail here in the hairy, veined arms. Some of Joseph's pictures are very raunchy.

 Joseph - Water Sports

A locker room scene which invites the viewer to imagine what has gone before. The slightly anxious expression on the new arrival's face is very intriguing! Water sports are not the easiest fetish to draw but this is a good example. You may recognise the seated figure, it's copied from a vintage photograph which also circulates widely with Marky Mark's head superimposed.

Joseph - Strapdown (my title)

No age issues with this dungeon scene, which is just as well considering the advanced level of S&M portrayed. I would say don't try this at home but the technicalities of the electro and pumping tests shown here wouldn't help you much. The artist has comprehensively captured the pain of the captives through their agonised expressions, distended veins and tensed limbs. Note the over sized feet (shades of Palanca) complete with frantically twiddling toes! The man on the bench is clearly suffering the most but one suspects his colleague is merely 'on hold' pending his own examination.

See lots more at Male Art by Joseph and at Joseph's tumblr site

(This article completely revised, October 2014)

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Monday, 26 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Tom Jones

A prolific commercial artist with a distinctive, rough painted style and an eye for classic All-American good looks. A lot of his output is of the pin-up variety, handsome young men posing in swimming trunks or shorts are obviously more widely saleable. He has, however, produced a surprising amount of pictures with fetish subjects. I would include in this an extensive group wrestling pictures which express man to man domination and forced submission in a non-controversial context.

Tom Jones - High School Wrestlers

The example I've shown here is not the most suggestive but I like the soft treatment of the faces and the sexy bulges.

On top of these, Tom Jones has produced pictures explicitly depicting bondage, watersports and even spanking.

Tom Jones - Kiss

'Kiss' is quite interesting stylistically, you can see echoes of 1930's cubist techniques in the blonde man's face. This influence is even more noticeable in other pictures by Jones. There is also a touch of Harry Bush about them. The portrayal of the bondage subject itself is mild but erotic, man on man kisses are so rare in fetish art that they almost qualify as a fetish in their own right! Even Jones feels obliged to give the sexy, unmistakeably modern men in the picture below an apologetic, historical label - 'Sparta'.

Tom Jones - Sparta

'Slippery when wet' makes no apologies, however, as a tied young man is forced to kneel and be drenched.

Tom Jones - Slippery when wet

This has a rougher painted style than the other pictures in my selection. I am normally wary about techniques which distract from the sensuality of the scene and I'm not sure the rendering of wetness is successful, but this picture does convey a sense that something strange is engulfing the man's rear.

Tom has a website at TomJonesMen where you will find dozens of his pictures.

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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Jonathan

Most S&M and Spanking enthusiasts will know of Jonathan's Art which is widely circulated on the net. His pictures depict humiliating, spanking punishments inflicted on cute young men by every conceivable sort of authority figure and there are revenge scenarios too. The victim's embarrassment is an essential ingredient made plain by words, facial expression, blushing etc. The pictures are cheerfully coloured and usually have a festive, jolly atmosphere as the victim receives a deserved comeuppance - often witnessed by amused bystanders.

Jonathan - House of Fun
House of fun typifies this and is drawn with an interesting viewpoint and nice facial detail. Jonathan is not the first to draw on the surreal imagery of circuses and clowns but the spanking context and oversized details of the clown are quite original and it gives the picture a satisfying extra layer of mysterious interest. The swaying crowd (which I suspect is unintentional) and the prancing ringmaster contribute an extra bit of atmosphere and action. Note the suggestive shape of the 'hand' lying on the floor. The pictures are full of details like this contributing to the story and fuelling the viewers' imagination.

Jonathan - I Said Don't Litter!
The backpackers (apparently gay judging by their tent) being punished for camping or littering at a remote beauty spot is a favourite of mine not least because the armed land-owner (or warden) has tied them up. I love the chemistry of buddies being punished together, one suffers while the other anticipates. Blond and brunette pairs turn up quite often in Jonathan's pictures. The other ingredients in this picture that make it really special for me are the dinky little shorts still lying on the ground where the boys were forced to take them off. It's a classic example of clothes emphasising undressing but they look so skimpy, it makes me wonder what they looked like on the lads.

Jonathan - White Interrogation
Some of his pictures have a more sinister atmosphere and I find these particularly interesting and have included a sample here, a young tourist who has fallen into the hands of police in foreign lands and is systematically abused. The leering looks of the policemen all armed with heavy paddles and the suggestive positioning of the ashtray create a menacing atmosphere which scarcely needs the elaboration of the lads fearful expression and flying perspiration. At least one of the cops seems to be aroused by his helpless prisoner. Again, the discarded clothing and trainers underline the nudity of the victim – and his youth. Jonathan has explored this scenario in a number of pictures.

Jonathan - Police Sting
In 'Police Sting' the man receiving the birching is unusually mature-looking. His buddy is more typical of Jonathan's young men. Although both men are naked below the waist, their manly tackle is hidden and this is typical (and reflects the broad nature of the spanking fetish which transcends mere sex). When Jonathan does show sexual organs they are of normal size and generally not erect. As we have seen in White Interrogation and House of Fun, however, sexual overtones are not entirely absent.

I should perhaps say that this selection of pictures is more representative of my fetish interests than Jonathan' pictures as a whole. I have not even mentioned his vast range of Dad spanks Son OTK (over the knee) pictures. Maybe another time!
These pictures are essentially cartoons with a touch of realism. The anatomy is pretty good and although the perspective is a bit wobbly sometimes there is usually a good sense of depth. Despite the wealth of detail the images are always easy to understand. The result is great entertainment.

Jonathan's art is much loved by the spanking community and rightly so. Considering the narrow focus of his subject matter it is amazing how he constantly produces new ideas. Unlike some other prolific artists he doesn't seem to 'churn out' pictures which all look much the same. The consistent quality of his pictures and the intelligent humour in them make them a pleasure to view.

As far as I know he does not have a web-site.
His work appears from time to time at Man's Hand and there is a lot posted at Jock Spank Blog and other groups dedicated to spanking. Seek and you will find!
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Friday, 23 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson is one of the early artists in this selection, as you can tell from the hairstyles his men sport. The pictures mainly feature whipping and belting although I also have a piercing picture.
Johnson - Bondage Island

He has two distinct styles. On the one hand there are hard edged ink drawings featuring lean bodies, angry faces and fierce punishments. The caricaturing of the faces is not particularly attractive but produces a very grim scene. We're not having fun in the dungeon here. This is serious and somewhat disturbing. It's as though the artist doesn't really like men and the general tone of these pictures reminds me of old heterosexual porn. That said these pictures have interesting incidental detail (like the mattress in 'bondage island' above) and the shading is stylish and professional.
The second style consists of much softer pencil worked drawings something like the style of Esposito. The characters have more voluptuous bodies (and hair) and their faces seem less pinched and angry. The fetish proceedings are equally severe in nature but have a less intense atmosphere with balletic poses and discharges of impressive creamy fountains. These pictures are less detailed and not so realistically rendered like the vanilla example shown here.

Sorry no link info.
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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Joe T

Joe T's world is inhabited by predatory leather men who abduct sportsmen, cops and the like in order to subject them to S&M tests. They are undressed of course, but rarely stripped totally naked - although they sometimes are obliged to swop their street clothing for leather garments (and oversize restraints). Their captors generally remain fully clothed in conventional jeans, T-shirts etc, perhaps with a leather garnish of jacket or chaps. I appreciate this. For me, men look more undressed if they have lost some but not all of their clothes. Retained clothing suggests an identity e.g. hated cop, naïve young jock, it helps to fuel the viewer's imagination. It's not an easy option for the artist, however, as drawing clothes requires considerable skill. JoeT's lovingly detailed depictions of leather jackets, boots etc are very successful.

Joe T - Tied and Gagged

Like JF, JoeT portrays the helplessness of his captives and particularly their fear as they are tied up and gagged. The captors are suitably intimidating with muscular bodies,cropped hair and square jawed, 'not quite handsome' faces which have prominent cheek bones creating a striking Eastern European appearance.

Joe T - Skin Wars

The prisoners look on helplessly as the items required for their ordeal are marshalled in front of them or as their buddies succumb to the same treatment. On the whole, JoeT's villains seem content to secure their captives in painful positions and perhaps take control of their orifices with plugs and tubes. They don't inflict severe torture or violence upon them but make ominous threats. The victims are quite likely to end up totally immobilised, suspended or tied to a frame to contemplate their fate – whilst their captors seem to be casually going out to a bar or club, leaving their toys and playthings behind – at least for now. This bizarre mix of unresolved S&M fantasy and everyday reality is fascinating.

Joe T - Rubber Slave

JoeT's art has a certain kinship with that of Boundex (see earlier A-Z entry) Their styles and subject matter are somewhat similar but JoeT favours the persona of leather rather than rubber and he also places his characters in more specific situations. His pictures are cartoons but with a high level of detailing and simple perspectives that create a good sense of depth.

Joe T - Leather Slave

His characters take on the appearance of male dolls at times (see Leather Slave). You can see this in the stiff, bow-legged stance, the shiny almost plastic skin texture, the oversized boots and the representation of the main body joints - thick neck, arms attached to the side of the body and the short legs growing out bulbous groin areas. You wouldn't drool over these men as sexual objects but that doesn't matter, the erotic charge comes from the angry look in the eye of the “slave” and the disparity in their status.

You get a strong sense in his work that he is describing a rich fantasy in his own head which is anchored in real life. He occasionally draws on popular culture for inspiration, musicals like 'Les Miserables' and 'Phantom' for example whilst the 'Wasteland' and 'Outbackers' themes seem to acknowledge the post nuclear apocalypse worlds of Science Fiction as conjured up in the 'Mad Max' films for example. You feel you are getting to know something about the artist through his work. For all that, JoeT is elusive on the internet, postings are irregular, he protects his work and his sites come and go.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - JF

JF draws muscular men who have been taken prisoner and comprehensively tied up and gagged. The situations (kidnaps, aborted burglaries, prison escapes etc) are explained in background detail, speech bubbles and added text (in French).

JF - Leave overstayed

The men have very stocky bodies which are muscular in a fleshy, chubby way. They have square jawed faces with prominent, cleft chins and hair which is curly or shock upright crew cut style. The impression is given of male bulk, maturity and roughness and they are cast in roles that imply strength and power – police, body builders, soldiers etc. All the qualities that make complete immobilisation by thick ropes a humiliating situation, particularly as their clothes are removed and the bindings contrive to exaggerate every fleshy mound on their bodies in a sexually attractive way.

JF - Visit to the Cells
(I See No prisoners here!)

The supporting text depicts their helpless bewilderment and anger. Their captors admire their bodies and mock their helpless state, they hint at an unpleasant future. Some of them end up being shipped off to paying customers in boxes or nothing more than underpants and hog ties.

JF - Jail Break
(Thanks for the Uniform!)

The drawing style is very naïve but does convey a sense of the male animal subjugated. The situations and story telling are quite effective in promoting fantasies providing you have a smattering of French (and ideally a dictionary comprehensive enough to cover colloquialisms and rude words). I quite like these pictures.

JF has posted a lot of pictures at his blog

Les Machos de JF

and you will find a number also in the recent GMBA archives (link in sidebar).

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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Jayse

Jayse draws pictures of impossibly muscular young men having their male organs stretched and attacked by all manner of crushing and cutting devices and plants. Jayse carries on the genital punishment tradition of Falkon (see earlier A-Z article) but with extra explicitness. The examples included here are amongst the less alarming examples!
The drawing style is very simple cartooning for the most part but cleanly done. The 'hero's' face is always the same, square jaw, blond hair, cute nose and sometimes a little stubble for extra manliness. The classic All American Jock in other words although he can take on the persona of a GI or astronaut, for example, to invoke additional fetish themes. His physique is muscleman plus, everything is enormous but roughly in proportion (by the standards of musclemen) – except for the male organs which are excessively gigantic ('Gargantuan Gonads' as Jayse terms them). This artistic device enables their punishment and destruction to be presented in graphic detail.
Jayse - Pushing the Final Inch
Sometimes the Jock is depicted as a body-builder using the gym machines to punish himself - as in 'Pushing the Final Inch'. There is sense of fond mockery of body obsessed athletes in this. This is made explicit in 'The Cruelest Cut of All' (not shown here), where a body-builder smugly preens himself in front of a mirror enhancing his erection by pulling on his own balls whilst, unnoticed behind, a hooded intruder has inserted a wicked pair of shears between his legs and is about to detach them.
More often the Jock is a captive. Jayse's favoured bondage position is 'the spread' with arms and legs stretched out as far as possible from the target area. Jayse spells out the worst nightmare consequences of that vulnerable position.Jayse - Neuron WhipsHis suspended arching bodies are both artistic and erotic. Neuron whips is successful both as an artistic composition as well as an invocation of the eroticism of pain. Generally the assailant is unseen except for those parts (hands, tendrils, tools etc) used for carrying out the attack. Jayse leaves no stone unturned (literally!) in seeking out new and horrific techniques for emasculating his victims who nevertheless meet their fate with serene expressions on their faces. They are usually permitted one last compensatory ejaculation to reassure us that it's not as bad as it looks and they're enjoying it - really.
These drawings are whimsical but quite vicious and disturbing....and yet surprisingly erotic if you can get past the initial shock. Jayse's work isn't great art but it's simple intensity is the undistilled essence of S&M erotica.
See more at Jayse's blog (added April 2015).
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Monday, 19 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Jame

A fascinating artist with a well educated technique. His compositions show a central striking erotic image accompanied by (almost floating on top of) a collage-like assembly of characters, body fragments and objects which give clues to the situation we are watching. The backgrounds consist of busy, graphic patterns.

Jame - The Painter (Detail)

The S&M story in his pictures is interesting and erotic, the spread eagled figure below would grace any dungeon scene and in other pictures he shows men suspended from cranes or being painted on their bodies by an unseen artist.

Jame - Firecracker

Although there is some use of shading the figures musculature is largely defined by simple, inked, spidery lines, sometimes completely surrounding the muscle group. like a contour on a map or a boundary, rather than showing a shadow which would highlight it's 3-Dimensional shape. The detail also extends to showing veins and bones in hands etc.

The overall effect is reminiscent of 1980's magazine cartoons (Bill Ward, 'King'). The faces and poses of his supporting characters in Firecracker, however, seem to hark back to the1960's when young men were often presented in slightly feminine terms with juicy, smiling lips, lush eyelashes and exaggerated cheeks. This portrayal doesn't quite gel with the central S&M image which is not caricatured in the same way. Perhaps it's simply showing how times have changed. For me the combination of this odd collection of characters with the dubious firecracker joke is a bit spooky.

I'm not sure that the self-consciously arty style enhances the immediate erotic impact, but these pictures do repay study and fuel the imagination, which perhaps is a greater achievement.

Sorry no link info, but his pictures turn up at GMBA from time to time (link in sidebar)

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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Art - Jakal

Jakal provided a number of illustrations for the Drummer magazine in the 80's and blurry copies of them circulate on the internet. He illustrated typical S&M pastimes. bondage, violation etc but placed them in romantic dungeon settings so they seem more serious and less like role-play

Jakal - Unbuttoned

His men look like real people with exceptional but not unbelievable physiques. The shading of muscles and shapes (above) shows photographic influences but the diagonal shading of the man's jeans suggests a training in graphics..

Jakal - Drilling
In 'Drilling' the portrayal of the male figure in action is very convincing, the head is particularly well drawn and there is a strong sense of the subject's forceful purpose. The erotically sagging jeans work well too. 

Jakal - Whipmaster
Whipmaster is the most romantic of these three with elaborate costuming and a medieval background. The detailing of veins and hairy arms is amazing. But the triumph of this picture is the overwhelming sense of coiled power about to be unleashed, conveyed through the dramatic (and tricky) foreshortened pose.
Jakal is no mean artist and he occupies an interesting niche in between real world S&M and fantasy. 

(Images decensored Nov 2015) 

Sorry no link info, but his pictures turn up at GMBA from time to time (link in sidebar)
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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Jahi (aka Yuni)

A good deal of Jahi's (aka Yuni) fetish output depicts very young looking boys (in the traditional Japanese comic style) disguised as elf-like creatures - an immediate turn off for me. Which is very sad because his depictions of extreme bondage are highly original and score well on my personal fetish meter.

Jahi - Airplane Bondage

You can see from the example here (where the age of the creature is not readily apparent) how he exaggerates the flexing of the contorted body to great erotic effect. This pose is virtually impossible (for a human anyway!) but succeeds in convincing the eye. The soft rendering of muscle contours and skin folds is combined with a lush colour palette to create a very alluring image.

More images (mostly non-fetish but with more contortions) can be seen at his gallery Jahi aka Yuni

Friday, 16 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - JAD

JAD - GI Torture

JAD draws scenes of captives being tortured in gruesome ways like the electro technique being practised on a captured GI in the example (detail) shown here. His best known picture is probably the muleskinner spread-eagled between two upright posts, spiked with thorns and roasted above a fire.

JAD's output is not large as far as I know, but I couldn't ignore the 'full on' S&M subject matter. His technique is unsophisticated in a way, but shows a knowledge of anatomy and perspective and the faintly drawn background for example creates depth. Despite the slightly overwhelming detail the picture works.

Sorry no link info, but his pictures turn up a GMBA from time to time (link in sidebar)

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Jack

'Drought' (below) shows the style of this artist which sits between cartoon and realism. The result is attractive, the little areas of detail like the crotch of the jeans for example have a realistic feel but are economically drawn.

Jack - Drought

I have some doubts about the attributions to this artist as I have seen his signature on a picture attributed to artist named Kamui or something similar – it could be one and the same person. Anyway, I only have one fetish image by him but it is so iconic so I feel I must include it in this survey.

Jack - Hooded Captors

There are many fetish allusions in this picture but it's the menacing black hoods that make it so striking. The captives golden blond hair should suggest a contrasting innocence but his massive muscularity dilutes that effect and there isn't much sense of struggle in the poses of the protagonists.

There's a bit of a 'Tom' effect here (Tom of Finland made impossible poses into an art form!). The captive is crouching on his knees whilst the guards are standing. Their mating would be impossible but the artist does a good job at deceiving the eye. The chains (which look a bit of an afterthought) confuse the perspective somewhat (and they are not actually restraining the captive!). Carping aside, the quality of the figure drawing is good and the level of detail excellent. The overall composition works extremely well.

Sorry no link info.
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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - The Letter 'J'

Mitchell's survey of fetish artists continues with the letter 'J'. There are lots of very interesting Artists in this group including important names like Jakal, Joe T, Jonathan and Jotto. To start with though a couple of fringe examples:-

Johansson - Wrestlers
Not really a fetish artist but I've included this picture (which is a vaguely fetish subject) simply because it's good. The technical credentials of the artist speak for themselves.

Jeeprat - Plaything
I don't have a lot of work by this artist but I like the subject matter of the example included (above) and the technique is pretty interesting too. The highlighting and speckled texturing looks as though it is inspired by photo manipulation techniques but I think it is more than just a manipulation.

Sorry no link info.
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Monday, 12 October 2009

The Art of Facchini Exhibition

Starting today at the mitchmen Yahoo Group
An Exhibition of work by the artist 'Facchini'
I've been a fan of Facchini's work for some time. I love the masculinity of his men and the clever portrayals of uncaring institutional staff abusing men in their charge.
See my A-Z entry about Facchini

above:- Prison 2 by Facchini
I have made a selection of some of my favourite pictures by him and posted them at the mitchmen Yahoo Group. The link is in the sidebar. Message 1578 at the mitchmen Yahoo Group contains a critique and commentary on the Facchini Exhibition by Mitchell.
You can find more pictures by Facchini in the GMBA archive (link in links list in the sidebar)

Friday, 9 October 2009

More Bound Guys

Tony - Mature and big - for pec enthusiasts

Neil - a regular guy, regular underwear

Aaron and Andre - skinny but sexy
I recommend having a look at Bound Guys
there's a good selection of quite original imagery and some entertaining stories too.
There are free and paid membership options.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Bound Guys

Today a selection of favourite pictures from Bound Guys

Ginger Boys get together.

Kent is stretched and helpless.

Muscles in the waiting room......