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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Mitchell's A-Z of Fetish Artists - Franco

Franco’s spanking pictures proliferate on the web and must be known to most of my readers. He also has produced a number of pictures you might classify as ‘lab experiments and machines’. I prefer these images - probably because there is usually an element of bondage present.
In the spanking arena the sheer volume of his work commands respect. Much of it is of the standard ’over the knee’ older-younger scenario but the expressive faces and wriggling bodies are admirably portrayed.

Adult spanked by Franco
The older spanker is usually presented in a ‘desexualised’ way. That is they are fully dressed in conventional clothing and their faces are rarely attractive in the normal sense. I have to say though that Franco’s spanker’s faces are varied and often strikingly realistic adult ‘types’.
Brat Spank by Franco
In contrast the young man being spanked is usually good-looking and semi-naked. His body is usually lusciously presented with skin tones and highlighting similar to the Tom of Finland style. I applaud Franco’s ability to depict humiliation and pain and his use of clothing to tell the story and characterise the man being spanked but those ‘dad next door’ spankers don’t press my buttons however well depicted they are.
I will pass over Franco’s pictures the where spankers are mature women and those where the boys being spanked seem to be extremely young. Priests spanking young boys - oh dear!
Poor Jock by Franco

The genre that really works for me is the ‘lab rat’ stuff (like Poor Jock above) in which youngish jocks are attached to machines for milking, probing or mechanised spanking. Obviously these are more overtly sexual but Franco beautifully portrays the victim’s dismay and agony and the professor’s evil interest.

A final section of Franco’s work worth mentioning is a group of men spanked by monks. Whilst I am selective about costumes and dubious about religious overtones I like the sinister mood conjured up by the monk’s cowled gowns which put me in mind of Indiana Jones-like, tomb raider punishments

Much of Franco’s circulating work is comprised of black and white drawings, some is in colour and appears to have been created that way, but a lot of it has been computer ‘enhanced’ and colourised - I don’t know if this has been done with Franco’s collaboration but the results are often disappointing. I don’t disapprove of colourising as such - it can make black and white pictures more interesting and accessible in the internet age. But I don’t believe it enhances black and white drawings - it obliterates too much detail and destroys the subtlety of the lines.
Just compare the pictures reproduced here. The ‘unimproved’ Brat Spank picture has less initial impact but a cursory study of the hair, faces and clothing reveals a wealth of fine detail and subtlety which is heavily masked in the coloured pictures. Background details are often completely wiped out. The overall effect is to completely change the style of the picture. Franco may not be the greatest draughtsman in the world but I much prefer the delicacy his original work. This being so I can’t resist pointing out the mad professor’s grey hand in ‘Poor Jock’

There’s a decent selection of Franco’s work at Telemachus and at cp4men

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i too love franco´s work a lot...
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